Zoho CRM

Mobile Locker integrates with Zoho CRM and Zoho CRMPlus



You can connect Mobile Locker to your company's Zoho CRM or Zoho CRMPlus account. This will enable your sales reps to access their Zoho contacts from within the Mobile Locker app, and link their activities in Mobile Locker to their Zoho Contacts.


If you are a team member, skip to the Connect Mobile Locker to Zoho section.

Administrator Configuration

If you are a team administrator, Edit your team.

Select Zoho for the CRM Provider, then click Save


Select your Zoho Account URL from the dropdown.


Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

Refresh Mobile Locker and go to My CRM > Accounts.

A new item will appear in the sidebar menu named My CRM. Expand it and click Accounts

Before Mobile Locker can connect to Zoho, you need to login to Zoho and authorize Mobile Locker to connect on your behalf.


Click Log in to Zoho. You will be redirected to a login form on Zoho. Your Zoho login credentials are never sent to our servers.


Matching Email Address

Your Email Address in Zoho must be the same as your email address in Mobile Locker.


Zoho will prompt you to allow Mobile Locker to have access to your Zoho data. Click Accept to proceed.

You will be redirected back to Mobile Locker.

Congratulations, Mobile Locker is now connected to Zoho!

Connect Mobile Locker to Zoho

You can log in to the Mobile Locker website using your Zoho credentials. This also connects Mobile Locker to Zoho so you can use the CRM functionality.

Step 1

On your computer's browser, go to https://app.mobilelocker.com/login

Step 2

Click the Zoho button. You will be redirected to Zoho.


If prompted, log in to Zoho.

Next, Zoho will prompt you to grant Mobile Locker access to Zoho on your behalf.

Click Accept.


Then you will be redirected back to the Mobile Locker site.

Congratulations! Mobile Locker is now connected to Zoho!

Manage Mobile Locker - Zoho Integration

How to Disconnect Zoho from inside Mobile Locker

  1. Go to https://app.mobilelocker.com/admin/account/dashboard, then click Connections.
  1. Find Zoho in the list and click the Delete button, then confirm it.

How to Disconnect Mobile Locker from inside Zoho

  1. Go to https://accounts.zoho.com/.

  2. In the sidebar menu, click Sessions > Connected Apps.

  1. Move your mouse over Mobile Locker in the list until the Delete button appears. Click it.