Presentation types

A Mobile Locker "presentation" can be:

  • A PDF file
  • A Microsoft Word file
  • A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
  • A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • ePub
  • A video from YouTube, Vimeo, or uploaded
  • Interactive HTML, which is the most powerful and flexible type
  • OpenOffice Documents, Presentations, and Spreadsheets

Supported File Types

What is a Mime Type?

Presentation TypeMime Types
Microsoft Wordapplication/msword
Microsoft PowerPointapplication/
Microsoft Excelapplication/
OpenOffice Documentapplication/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text
OpenOffice Presentationapplication/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation
OpenOffice Spreadsheetapplication/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet


PDFs are a great way to distribute your existing collateral and materials to your team. They'll open like this in the app:


A sample PDF presentation as shown in the Mobile Locker app.

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Unless you have the Microsoft app installed, the iPad and iPhone can't natively open Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files, so if you upload these files to Mobile Locker, they will be automatically converted to PDFs for maximum compatibility.

If you have the Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel app on your iOS device, then Mobile Locker does let you open those files in the respective app. Watch this video.


You can convert PowerPoint to interactive HTML5!

Rather than converting your PowerPoint presentations to PDF, we recommend trying iSpring Converter Pro, which does an amazing job of converting your PowerPoint, including animations and navigation controls.

If you want to convert a PowerPoint to HTML, send it to us and we'll do the conversion for you with iSpring Converter Pro.


You can upload MP4 or M4V video files to create standalone video presentations. This feature is great if you have product demos, commercials, or other videos for your team to share with your customers.

You can also import a YouTube or Vimeo video from its URL. Mobile Locker will import the actual video file from YouTube or Vimeo, so you won't need an internet connection and the video will be on your devices.

Optimizing your Videos

Because videos can be very large, we recommend using a tool like Handbrake to optimize them for iPads and iPhones.

Watch this video to learn how to reduce the size of your videos without affecting quality.

Interactive HTML

This is where Mobile Locker shines. You (or your developers) can build anything in HTML and upload it to Mobile Locker as a ZIP file. If it works in Safari on the iPad/iPhone, it will work in Mobile Locker. Read the developer guide for more information.

Presentation Thumbnail Images

Mobile Locker will automatically generate a thumbnail image from page 1 of any static file you upload. The thumbnail image will be 260x120 pixels.

If you're developing an HTML presentation, include a 260x120px image in your zip file. Refer to the developer guide for more information about uploading ZIP files.

After uploading the zip file, you can select or change the thumbnail.


Create a presentation

Go to the presentation list and click New Presentation.

NameRequiredGive your presentation a unique name. This is what your team will see in the app.

Tip: Presentations are sorted alphabetically in the app, so prefix the name with a number to make it appear at the top of the list.
DescriptionOptionalOne or two short sentences to display below the name in the app. It is automatically truncated if it's too long.
GroupsOptionalThe members of these Groups will see the presentation in the app.
LabelsOptionalThe presentation will be tagged with these Labels in the app.

Fill in this form to create a new presentation.

Upload a presentation

After creating the presentation, you'll be prompted to upload the file. If you created an HTML presentation, you'll upload a zip file. If you created a different type of presentation, you'll be instructed to upload that file type.


Click the link or drag the file into the browser.


Selecting the ZIP file on a Mac.

Then click the Upload button.


Click Upload.


The max upload size is 1 GB.

Depending on the size of the presentation you uploaded, it might take a few minutes to process. You'll receive an email when the presentation is ready for the next step.


The presentation is being processed. Please wait for the notification email to proceed.


You'll receive a notification email like this when processing is complete.


SMS notifications

If you prefer, you can also be notified by text message when the processing completes. Just enter your mobile number into your profile.

After you receive the email, press the Refresh button, and then click Edit.

Configure the new presentation

Once the presentation is processed and you've pressed the Refresh button, click the Edit tab.

  • If you created an HTML presentation and the main file is not named index.html in the root directory, change the Main File.
  • Select the thumbnail image from the dropdown. If your presentation is not HTML, you can skip this step and generate a thumbnail later.
  • Adjust any other settings if necessary.
  • Click Save.

Generate a thumbnail

Mobile Locker can generate a thumbnail for all presentation types except HTML.

From the presentation screen


Click Generate thumbnail from this file to create the thumbnail from the main file.

Edit a presentation

Upload a new version of the presentation

You can upload a new version of your presentation any time by repeating the upload process. Uploading a new version doesn't change its status, so your changes are immediately available in the app if your presentation is already Active.


Developers: Automate your uploads.

You can upload a presentation programmatically using the API and our handy bash script.