Mobile Locker

The Mobile Locker app displays your presentations in alphabetical order. If you have a lot of presentations, applying labels (or tags) to similar presentations will make it easier for your coworkers to find the right one. You can also use Folders too.


A few example labels.

Labels appear under each presentation's description in the app. Simply tap a label to filter for the presentations with that label. Tap the label again to remove the filter.

Tap a label to filter. Tap it again to remove the filter and see all presentations again.

Create a Label

Go to the Labels list.

Click New Label.

Fill in the form and press Create. You'll see a success message, and the form will reset so you can create another.

Give the label a unique name and optionally apply it to presentations.

Your new label.

Edit a Label

Find the label in the list and click Edit.

Change the name of the label or the presentations it applies to, and then click Save.

Edit a label's name or the presentations it is applied to. You can also delete the label.

Delete a Label

Click the Delete button from the edit label screen. Don't worry — this won't delete the associated presentations.

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