Mobile Locker integrates with Salesforce



You can connect Mobile Locker to your company's account. This will enable your sales reps to access their Salesforce contacts from within the Mobile Locker app, and link their activities in Mobile Locker to their Salesforce contacts.


Watch these videos to learn how Mobile Locker interacts with Salesforce (or Veeva CRM, or IQVIA)

Which Edition of Salesforce Do You Have?

Mobile Locker uses the Salesforce API. You need to have one of these Salesforce editions for this to work:

Editions with API Access (the API is enabled by default):

  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Developer
  • Performance

If you have one of the editions above, you can skip to Mobile Locker configuration.

Editions with no API access: (You will need to upgrade Salesforce)

  • Contact
  • Group
  • Professional
  • Spark


Request to have the API enabled

In case you need the API enabled for the Contact, Group, or Professional Editions organization, ask your Salesforce Account Executive for assistance and request API to be provisioned as the courtesy.

Configure Salesforce

Before Mobile Locker can connect to Salesforce, you will need your Salesforce administrator to activate the REST API for the User Profiles of the people who will be using Mobile Locker.

As a Salesforce administrator for your Organization, do this:

Click the gear in the top right corner, then click Setup.


In the sidebar, click Users > Profiles


Find the Profile you want to enable the REST API for. In this example, we're using Standard User.

Click Standard User.


Scroll down to the System section. Click System Permissions.


Find and enable API Access.


Check the box next to API Enabled for each User Profile who will be using Mobile Locker.

Repeat this process for each User Profile that needs Mobile Locker > Salesforce integration.

Configure Mobile Locker

As a Team Administrator, edit your team.

Select for the CRM Provider, then click Save


A new item will appear in the sidebar menu named My CRM. Expand it and click Accounts


Before Mobile Locker can connect to Salesforce for you, you need to login to Salesforce and authorize Mobile Locker to connect on your behalf.


If you see this message instead of the login box, read Which Edition of Salesforce do you have?


Click Log in to You will be redirected to a login form on

Your Salesforce login credentials are never sent to our servers.


Log in to using your Salesforce username and password.


Matching Email Address

Your Email Address in Salesforce must be the same as your email address in Mobile Locker. Your Salesforce "username" is not necessarily the same as your Salesforce email address.

Contact us if you need a fallback option for matching because we can also match on an Employee ID field if necessary.

Salesforce will prompt you to allow Mobile Locker to have access to your Salesforce data. Click Allow to proceed.


Click Allow.

You will be redirected back to Mobile Locker.

Synchronizing Salesforce users to Mobile Locker

We have a process available where we can automatically synchronize users from Salesforce to Mobile Locker on a schedule.

How it typically works:

  1. We work with you to identify the users in Salesforce with specific Profiles that should be synchronized to ML on a schedule. (ex: All users with Profile = "Primary Care Sales", "MSL", "Marketing User", etc)

  2. Every morning, a job runs to pull the list of eligible Salesforce users.

  3. If the user doesn't exist in Mobile Locker yet, their account is created, they're assigned to the correct group(s), and they receive a welcome email.

If their Salesforce attributes have changed (phone, title, manager, region, district, territory, division, department, etc), those are updated in ML.

If they've been deactivated in Salesforce, they're deactivated in ML, which frees up a license.

If you'd like to discuss using this functionality, contact your Mobile Locker account manager.