Install and Use Mobile Locker for Gmail

What you need to get started

Install Mobile Locker for Gmail

In the Chrome browser, go to the Mobile Locker for Gmail page in the Chrome Web Store and click Click Add to Chrome.

When prompted, click Add extension.

Once it is installed, you'll see the grayed-out Mobile Locker icon in the Chrome menu:

It is grayed-out until you go to Gmail. If you already have Gmail open, refresh the browser window.

When Gmail is open, the Mobile Locker button will be active:

Click the Mobile Locker button and log in with your Mobile Locker credentials.

Do not use your Gmail credentials

After you login, you will see this message. You can click anywhere in Gmail to close the popup.

Click the Compose button.

You must enter the recipient's email address first. Type the recipient's name or email address into the To field.

Begin writing your email and position the cursor where you want the links to be inserted.

Position the cursor where you want the links to go.Position the cursor where you want the links to go.

Position the cursor where you want the links to go.

Click the Mobile Locker icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the Compose Window.

Select the presentations you want to share.

Optionally, you can change the notification and expiration settings.

Click Insert Link(s). The trackable links will be inserted into the body of the email where your cursor was positioned.

Click Send.

When the recipient opens the email and clicks one of the links, you will receive a notification email and text message (if you previously entered your mobile phone number into your profile here).