Mobile Locker integrates with Pipedrive



You can connect Mobile Locker to your company's Pipedrive CRM account. This will enable your salespeople to access their Pipedrive contacts from within the Mobile Locker app, and link their activities in Mobile Locker to their Pipedrive Contacts.

Configure Mobile Locker

Open Mobile Locker in a new browser tab and edit your team.

Select Pipedrive for the CRM Provider.

Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

Connect Mobile Locker to Pipedrive


Each Mobile Locker user needs to do this for themselves.

Open Pipedrive in a new tab or browser.

Click your picture on the top right corner, then click Settings > Personal Preferences > API.

Click the Copy button next to "Your personal API token":

Open Mobile Locker in your browser and go to My Account > Edit Profile and scroll down to the Pipedrive section.

Paste your Pipedrive API token into the Pipedrive token field.

Scroll down to the bottom and click Save.

Congratulations! Your Mobile Locker account is now connected to your Pipedrive account.