Organize your presentations into folders


There are two types of folders in Mobile Locker:

  • Folders created and managed by a team administrator in the browser
  • Personal folders created by a team member in the browser or the app


Manage Folders in the App

This article describes how to manage folders from the website. You can also manage personal folders in the iOS app .

Enable Personal Folders

Personal folders are enabled by default but a team administrator may disable personal folders on the Edit Team screen.


Create a Folder

Go to the Folders List.

Fill in the Create Folder form on the right. The folder name must be unique.

Folder Images

By default, the folder will appear with a folder icon in the app like this:


You can upload an image to represent the folder like this:



Uploaded Folder Images

Folder images are uploaded to the Public Files section and named as folder_###.jpg. Do not delete these images in the Public Folders section of the web app.

Specifying the Folder Owner

If you are a team administrator, you can create personal folders owned by users. If you are a team member, you can only create folders for yourself.


Add Content to a Folder

Click into the folder, then check the items you want to add to it.


Click Add Presentations


Create Subfolders

You can create a nested subfolder from within a folder.

Navigate into the folder and then fill in the form on the right:


Create a new subfolder from within the current folder. If you already have subfolders, the new one will appear at the end.

Rearrange Subfolders

You can rearrange subfolders by clicking and dragging the arrow icon next to the folder:


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