Team Reports and Analytics

Track how your team is using Mobile Locker to gain insights into what content drives sales.

Team Reports and Analytics

At a glance, you can get a sense for who is using Mobile Locker, when.

View your Team Dashboard.

Click "Dashboard" in the sidebar menu.Click "Dashboard" in the sidebar menu.

Click "Dashboard" in the sidebar menu.

Filter and Drill Down

Quickly adjust filters to review usage for a specific group, user, and time period.

Usage by time of day

When does your team use Mobile Locker during the week?

Usage by Month

Usage by Week

Usage by Date

Form Submissions by Date

Most Active Users

Who are your most active Mobile Locker users? Are they your top salespeople too?

Content Sharing

Who is sharing content with their customers? What content is being shared?

Presentation Report and Analytics

Each presentation has its own dashboard .

User Report and Analytics

Navigate to an individual's dashboard or view your own.