Mobile Locker for iOS

Install Mobile Locker on iPad or iPhone

Mobile Locker works on iOS 15 and later.

  1. On your iPad or iPhone, go to to install the Mobile Locker app. It will automatically open the iOS App Store for you.
  2. Install the app.

Log in to Mobile Locker

The Mobile Locker icon looks like this:

Open the app and you'll be prompted to log in.

Log in using your email and password:

  • Your company email address
  • Your Mobile Locker password

If your company uses Single Sign-On, you will be redirected to your company's SSO system and you will sign in with your company credentials instead of a Mobile Locker-specific password.

NOTE: Your Mobile Locker password is not the same as your computer’s password. When your administrator created your Mobile Locker account, you received an email with the subject line “Your Mobile Locker account was created”, which included your credentials and installation instructions. The email looks like this:

Reset Your Password

If you don't remember your password, enter your email address, then tap Reset password. We'll send you an email with instructions. Check your spam folder if you don't get the email within two minutes.

What You See After You Log In

  1. Your company's logo will appear at the top, and the colors will probably be different too.
  2. The menu button is in the top right corner.
  3. Folders are at the top. If you don't have any folders, you will not see this section.
  4. Presentations (Content) is listed in alphabetical order.

You only see content that you are allowed to see. If you are missing something, contact your company administrator.

Download a Presentation

Tap a presentation to download it. Once it's downloaded, you can view it online or offline.

A downloaded presentation has a checkmark next to it.

Delete a Presentation

Swipe from right to left on an downloaded presentation.

Then tap Delete.

Open a Presentation

Tap an installed presentation to open it.

Sharing Presentations

"That looks great. Can you send me that?" How often have you heard this from a prospect?

Share your content with your prospect by sending a personalized email to them, directly from the app.

In the presentation, tap the Share button in the navigation bar. If the button is grayed-out, your administrator has disabled sharing of this item.

Enter the recipient's email address. You can only share with one person at a time.

Optionally, write a subject line and message. See the disclaimer below.

Press Send.


Your subject line and message

For regulatory reasons, your company administrator may have configured an email templates that will have a predefined subject and message. If so, leave the subject and message fields blank because they will be ignored.

When will the email send?

If you're online when you send the email, they'll get it right away.

If you're offline when you send the email, it will send the next time you open Mobile Locker with an internet connection.

What the email looks like

If you entered a subject line or message, they'll get an email that looks like this:


The email with your subject line and message.

If you leave the subject line and message fields blank, the email will look like this:


What the file looks like

When they click the View file button, they'll see the file on a web page with your company's logo and colors:



As soon as they click View file (even if it's days or weeks later), you'll be notified. It's the perfect time to call them!

You'll receive an email notification, and, if you provided your mobile number, a text message.


Click "View Share Stats"

Click View Share Stats and you'll see a dashboard like this:


Sharing in Microsoft Outlook or Gmail

You can also share Mobile Locker files from inside Microsoft Outlook and Gmail!

Open a PowerPoint file in Microsoft PowerPoint

If you have the Microsoft PowerPoint app installed on your device, you can open a presentation from Mobile Locker in PowerPoint. Here's a video:

Open a Spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel

If you have the Microsoft Excel app installed on your device, you can open a spreadsheet from Mobile Locker in Excel. Here's a video:

Exit a Presentation

If you're viewing interactive content (HTML), triple-tap on the screen to make the navigation bar appear.

For all other types, tap on the screen once to make the navigation bar appear. Then tap Back.

Comment on a Presentation

Comments are a great way to give the content owner feedback about a file. When you submit a comment, they'll be notified so they can reply to you.

On the main screen, tap and hold on the item for at least one second.

Then press View comments

Write your comment and press the Send button.

Rate a Presentation

You can rate a presentation on a 1-5 scale to let the content owner know how well it's working.

Your rating will also help your team because it affects how the AI engine recommends content to your teammates.

On the main screen, tap and hold on the item for at least one second.

Move the slider and optionally provide a comment.

Press Submit.

Check for Updates

The Mobile Locker app checks for updates automatically when your iPad/iPhone has an internet connection AND:

  • You open the app
  • You return to the main screen.

You will see three animated dots at the bottom of the screen when it is checking for updates:

Mobile Locker will automatically download any files that have changed. You don't need to do anything!

We don't recommend this, but you can disable automatic updating.

Manually check for updates

Occasionally, you'll want to make Mobile Locker check for updates manually. To do this:

Navigate to the main screen.

Tap and hold on the list, then drag down until you see the gray spinner at the top, and the three pulsing dots at the bottom.


Presentations can be organized into folders. There are two types of folders:

  • Personal folders you create. They have a lock next to them and appear first. You can create and edit your own folders.
  • Folders created by your team administrator. They do not have a lock next to them and appear below your personal folders. You cannot edit or change these folders.

Create a Folder


Internet connection required

You have to be online to create or edit folders.


Custom folders may be disabled by your team administrator

If your team administrator has disabled personal folders, you will not be able to create them.

Tap the Plus button in the navigation bar.

Enter a unique folder name.

Tap Create Folder.

Put Presentations into a Folder

Tap on your folder.

Tap Edit in the navigation bar.

Tap each presentation you want to add to the folder. Tap a presentation again to remove it.

Tap Back to see the presentations in the folder.


Your administrator can tag each presentation with one or more labels.

Tap a label once to see all presentations in the current folder with that label.

Tap a label again to reset the filter.


You can also filter the presentations to:

  • Only show your installed presentations, optionally with a label.
  • Only show the available presentations you have not downloaded yet.

Update Your Profile

Tap the menu button in the navigation bar.

Tap Settings

Tap any field to edit it, then press Update Profile


Disable Automatic Updates


Although we don't recommend it, you can disable automatic updates.

Tap the menu button in the navigation bar.

Tap Settings

Scroll down to Check for updates automatically and tap the switch to turn it off.

After disabling automatic updates. you'll have to remember to periodically check for updates manually.

Log Out of the App

Normally, you don't have to log out of Mobile Locker.

Tap the menu button in the navigation bar.

Tap Logout

How to Get Help

If you have questions or problems with the content in Mobile Locker, contact your company administrator.

If you have cannot see a file that you should be able to see, contact your company administrator.

If you have technical problems with Mobile Locker, chat with us from inside the app, or send an email to [email protected]. We're pretty good about replying very quickly!