This section focuses on interactive content. You can also upload static files. Refer to the documentation section.

Designers, developers, and agencies can build interactive content for Mobile Locker using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Developing interactive content for Mobile Locker is like building a modern website - you can use whatever tools and frameworks you want to use. As long as it works in modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc), it will work in Mobile Locker. It will also work offline in Mobile Locker.

Mobile Locker gives you a blank canvas to design and develop the best user experience for your customer and their reps. You are not locked into designing your IVA like a slide deck.

For example, if your development team is comfortable using Webpack, React, and Tailwind - go for it. If your developers prefer VueJS or even old-school jQuery, you can use that too.

Screen sizes and dimensions: Design your interactive content to fit the screens of the devices your reps will be using. For instance, if your reps use 9.7" iPads, design for that. If they're using laptops most of the time, design for those laptops. Ideally, you can make your design responsive so it will fit any device.