Sharing Overview

You can generate a Shared Link for a presentation and send it to a recipient from the JavaScript SDK.

The recipient will receive an email, which includes a personalized, trackable link, like this:


When they click the link, the Mobile Locker user who sent it will receive a notification email like this:


And the presentation's share dashboard will be updated in the web app:


Share a Presentation Using the JavaScript SDK

Refer to the forms-demo project for an example.

Build a form to capture a list of recipients.


Use the mobilelocker.sharePresentation function:

this.form.recipients is an array of objects, each with an "email" attribute:
	email: '[email protected]',
  name: '', // Optional
  uuid: uuidv4(), // Optional - a UUID for this recipient.

this.form.notification_level is an integer with one of these values:
const NOTIFY_NONE = 0; // Never notify me when the link is clicked.
const NOTIFY_FIRST = 1; // Notify me the first time the link is clicked.
const NOTIFY_EVERY = 2; // Notify me every time the link is clicked.
const NOTIFY_WEEKLY = 3; // Include the click stats in my weekly notification.
const NOTIFY_MONTHLY = 4; // Include the click stats in my monthly notification.

this.form.send_remdinders - boolean - if TRUE, the recipient will receive a reminder email every day for seven days, or until they click the link.

mobilelocker.sharePresentation(this.form.recipients, this.form.notification_level, this.form.send_reminders)
  .then(data => {
  	toastr.success('The presentation will be shared.');
    return data;

Customizing the Email Template

You can customize the appearance of the email template by creating a Share Template.