Get the Presentation's ID from the admin portal - and paste it into line 4 of this script.

The basic idea is that it will generate a zip file for your HTML presentation and upload it to Mobile Locker using curl.

Save this script to your project's root directory as and make it executable. Review the code line-by-line first because you might need to adjust for your build environment.


source $HOME/.mobilelocker
PRESENTATION_ID=[The presentation ID from the admin portal]
echo "API_URL:         $API_URL"
read -p "Press ENTER to continue."

# If you're not using gulp to build your presentation, replace this with your build command
gulp --production

# zip everything in the "public" directory into ""
rm -f
cd public
zip -r --exclude=.gitignore ../ .
cd ../

read -p "ZIP Complete. Press ENTER to upload."

# Upload the zip file to Mobile Locker using your API TOKEN
AUTH_HEADER="Authorization: Bearer $ML_API_TOKEN"
curl \
    --header "$AUTH_HEADER" \
    --form [email protected] \

echo ""

Now you can quickly upload your changes to Mobile Locker.

You'll receive a notification email as soon as the new version is ready.

You can also be notified by SMS if you add your mobile number to your profile.