You can open a Mobile Locker presentation from another iOS app

iOS apps have the ability to communicate with each other via URL scheme and protocol. To communicate with Mobile Locker, you must create an appropriately formatted URL and ask iOS to open it.

The x-callback-url Specification

The Mobile Locker URL scheme is mobilelocker and adheres to the x-callback-url specification, which looks like this.

[scheme]://[host]/[action]?[x-callback parameters]&[action parameters]

Read more about the x-callback-url specification on its website.

Open a Mobile Locker presentation from another app

mobilelocker://x-callback-url/open_presentation?[x-callback parameters]&presentation_id=[presentation_id]

Replace [presentation_id] with the unique ID of the presentation from the Mobile Locker admin portal.

You can open a Mobile Locker presentation from any application by using the URL scheme above, but some applications have more functionality:

Opening a presentation from Synergistix CATS