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iOS Release Notes

Release notes for the iOS version of Mobile Locker

3.8.10 (October 25, 2019)

  • Scan business cards that are written in languages other than English


  • Filter content by language


  • Added a setting to disable automatic updates. We don't recommend this, but some customers have asked for it.
  • Updated PDF library to the latest version

3.8.7 (October, 2019)

  • Performance improvements


  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements


  • Added the ability to schedule a meeting using a 3rd party service such as Calendly from within Mobile Locker.

3.8.4 (July, 2019)

  • An administrator can send a message to their team (by group or user) via Email, SMS, and/or Apple Push Notifications.


  • A scanned business card can be saved to your Contacts.


  • Made changes to the sidebar menu.


  • Performance improvements

3.8.0 (June, 2019)

  • Added the ability to scan a business card, automatically read the text on the card, and upload the contact to your CRM.


  • Updated PDF library


  • Performance improvements

3.7.10 (May, 2019)

  • Added the ability for an administrator to show or hide the CRM buttons in the sidebar menu.

3.7.6 (March, 2019)

Improved Performance

We modified how the app checks for updates.

Comment on Content

We added the ability for a user to provide feedback by commenting on the content item. This already works on the website but now it will work in the iOS app, too.

When a user adds a comment, the team administrators will receive an email notification like this:

An administrator can reply to the comment on the website, or the app:

Content Ratings

Added the ability for a user to rate a presentation.

From the main screen:

  1. Long-tap on a presentation (hold down for at least one second)
  2. Rate the content 1 to 5 stars.
  3. Optionally enter an explanation for your rating.
  4. Press Submit

3.7.4 (March, 2019)

Cancel Button

Added a Cancel button to the Share Presentation form.

Always Show the Toolbar Option

Added an option to always show the toolbars when viewing a PDF file.

In the website:

  1. Create or edit a presentation.
  2. Check the Always show the toolbar in the iOS app box. The default value is OFF, which means the toolbar will automatically disappear after a few seconds. If you turn it on, the toolbar will stay visible - but it might be over top of content on the PDF page, so only activate this if you really need it.

3.7.3 (March 1, 2019)

  • User can create their own folders
  • Folders can have images instead of icons
  • CRM Contacts, Accounts, and Leads can be accessed from the JavaScript SDK in HTML presentations.
  • Added a developer debugging setting
  • Added prompt to review the app in the iOS app store

3.6.2 (January 18, 2019)

  • Replaced Intercom with Crisp for customer support and live chat.

3.6.1 (January 5, 2019)

We added an option to display a presentation in a folder, but not in the main presentation list. For example, if you upload training videos, you can now make them appear only in the "Training" folder but not on the main list.

  1. Edit a presentation.
  2. Select one or more folders.
  3. Select Only in the selected folders.

3.6.0 (December 20, 2018)

  • Updated PDF functionality

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iOS Release Notes

Release notes for the iOS version of Mobile Locker

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